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We make animations. Go Hektik Animation studio is a place to be if you are looking for some quality custom made 2D explainer videos.

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WWOOF Serbia
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During the course of life, we tend to choose friends, long-term colleagues, and collaborators who are quite similar to us. Creative force, easy-going but hard-working people who are in absolute love with what they do. And yes — this is exactly what Go Hektik crew is in their professional core.

Nataša Kilibarda AltusHost

Go Hektik is a partner who remarkably influenced the awareness of our action, especially within younger population. Our campaign included a promotional video that clearly described the road-map and the significance of our action. Professional relationship and fantastic energy in the studio are the main reasons we continue working as partners!

Zoran Martinov Čep za hendikep

Working with Go Hektik was fun and we were amazed by the professionalism of the entire team. Our video explainer was the product of a strong collaboration of amazing creatives. Thank you so much!

Dejan Popović PopArt studio

From now on, “Hektik” means professional! Young and easy going team offering plenty creative solutions trough responsive and thoughtful communication. I enjoyed working with them!

Katarina Milenković WWOOF Serbia

I was amazed by the great initiative, approachability and amazing creativity by the amazing folks at Go Hektik. Outstanding professionals with a limitless creative imagination.

Đorđe Đorđević BEUM

Working with Go Hektik crew is always, disappointingly, not hectic at all. They just meet deadlines, deliver top work and clients are happy.

Goran Jankulovski Žiška

Working with Go Hektik people was a great experience for me. I loved the workflow they set, as much as the enthusiasm for delivering on time. For me they stand for genuine authors.

Miljko Daničić HUGE Media

We had so much fun working with Go Hectic team. They are professional, creative and fast. What’s most important, they have combined their qualities and ideas to create an awesome video for our company.

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