Why animation video is the perfect advertising choice

September 11, 2018 News and Trends
Every company wants to be continuously present on the market with its own original idea. And that, as you know, takes a lot of time, effort, and investment.

I absolutely agree that the classic point-and-shoot videos are the easiest way to present your business, a product you sell or a service you provide. But it is also kind of plain and I am sure you don’t want to be just another commercial to skip. At the same time, you will need to consider using a professional video maker, perfect filming conditions, hiring an actor or an actress. That is expensive!

It’s a good thing you have other options.

If you choose to go with a live recorded video you will have to deal with quite a few issues. For example, you cannot control the weather or the physical and psychological state of actors and actresses. That also counts for cameramen and sound technician, director, as you understand.

On the other side, if you are working with a 2D animation studio, you won’t need to stress about the actors or the production, and you will definitely not be worried about the weather – we are working in a cozy environment inside the studio!

There is nothing better than hired professional that can do the job on time and on budget.

If you have an idea or just a few paragraphs of a story, you are heading in the right direction. When you share your business story with a professional studio, the creative team can come up with the approach that suits your needs and the needs of your audience. What should be in your list of preferences once you decide on an animated commercial is the synergy between professional accounts, skillful illustrators, and dedicated animators. A studio should be devoted to the client’s vision and should do the best to make you satisfied with the final product.

Perhaps animated commercial sound childish to you? Let me prove you wrong.

Sure, it’s great to see a famous actor in your commercial, but this is a big investment. No commercial will keep being interesting forever, and you will need to start all over again, on a completely new budget. That’s a difficult task! You are worrying about your money. Of course you are, because that’s a responsible way to run a business.

Did you ever write on a piece of paper how big are the expenses when you film a video with real actors, cameras, full equipment? The amount of time spent on looking for the perfect locations – ideal weather for filming a scene… It is possible to use a studio that will do these things for you, but that will only make the costs bigger – even more than you think. How much money should you pay for one hour of filming, contracts, props?

Time is money. If you believe in this phrase, great. If not, you will believe your account balance after a campaign.

To sum everything up, if you went with a live video, you had a budget, and you spent it. You have one commercial. And it has to be perfectly timed for the market. And we all know timing is a bitch. Let’s go back to 2D animation and how we do it.

Either your marketing department comes up with a story, or we can help them create one. Then, all we need to do is set a deadline. And you should know that for a price for one live recording video you can create several commercials using 2D animation, and without the limits that live recording is imposing. Whatever you imagine, we can draw and animate for you! And don’t forget – you can still have your favorite actors in the animation – we can draw them for you, and they can lend you their voice!

Having an entire series of well-thought-out animations can prove to be a much better solution than just one live recorded commercial! You can plan the publishing time and make the campaign as effective as possible. In the end, it’s always the result that counts.

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