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It is not a typo, and yes, of course, I have invented a word for these purposes. I’ve interviewed our first intern ever: his name is Marko Lazić.

One morning, while I was checking spam messages in our inbox, I bumped into the message from this 17-year-old wanting to work during his summer break. He said he knew “a little something” about Maya and After Effects, and we asked him to come to our office to meet us. Marko made quite an impression on us when we had met him and we knew from the start we would hit it off quite easily.

So, tell me: why animation?

Marko: I am not quite sure. I come from a family where visual arts have always been appreciated. My father is a cameraman and he had been working for the most prominent local TV station for 20 years. I have always shown interest in shapes and motions, although I do not actually draw (laughs). Anyhow, last summer my father’s friend Voja introduced me to 2D animation.

Basically, that means you started just last year?

Marko: I have just finished the third grade at the public high school Rade Končar and I have one more year of the vocational secondary education. At the school, when you finish the second grade you have to decide which course to enroll to continue your education for two more years. I have chosen the Department of Arts last summer and I have started the School of Motion online. My father’s friend whom I have mentioned before, Vojislav Simić who is a 2D and 3D animator, gave me the first tasks in character animation. Last two semesters we mostly worked in Maya at the Department of Arts with courses in video and audio technics, telecommunications and multimedia.

So, for one year you have been learning After Effects from the tutorials and some individuals, I guess. Is there anyone you admire in particular? 

Marko: I believe I have watched thousands of hours of animation tutorials (laughs). I really like the work of Jorge R. Canedo E.

Okay, now I seem to get it. But how did you hear about us?

Marko: One day my friend sent me the music video Go Hektik animated for Repetitor. I could not believe there was a possibility that I might do the same thing in Serbia. I loved the abstraction and free interpretation of the video and I didn’t waste any time; I immediately sent an email via the contact form on the website. And then you have replied (laughs).

Yes, I have replied – you made my day 🙂 How did your parents react to your desire to work during the summer holidays?

Marko: They have been nothing but supportive. Both of them believe it is important to learn early about responsibilities that would come in the future.

Okay – and how does your day look like now? How is it different from your regular day at school? Except for the animation process, what other new stuff have you learned? 

Marko: Actually, I feel like I am at school, I just feel happier and more satisfied (laughs). This is my first job ever, so I try to learn as much as possible. I have a mentor, but all the colleagues have been really helpful around here. I feel like I belong here, people are open to ideas and opinions and everybody seems friendly.

What are your plans for the future?

Marko: To stay here (laughs). As a part of my birthday present, I am traveling to New York for a couple of weeks in September and then I am back to Serbia to continue the formal education. I would love to stay in touch with you and after I graduate from the high school, I would love to continue to work in Go Hektik studio. If I convince my parents to pause one year from the university (laughs).

What would you say to the young people aspiring to become animators?

Marko: Don’t listen to others when you are choosing your path. Watch a lot of movies. Follow artists on social media. Practice mathematics and physics. Learn English and Russian.

Why Russian?

Marko: Why not? 🙂 It’s a beautiful language.

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