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June 27, 2018 News and Trends
Go Hektik is pleased to announce that the first half of the “Tour de Hektik”, series of meetups for design & animation professionals and enthusiasts, was a great success. The meetups were held on June 21 in Niš and on June 22 in Kragujevac.

Illustration: Miloš Stanojević

“‘Tour de Hektik’, held at Deli, was a tremendous success,” said Jovana Stanimirović, our CEO. “The first event began with Jelena Medan greeting approximately 70 people, curious to hear from the Go Hektik team directly. The meetup included the projection of the animated video ‘Kralj ničega‘ and studio’s first animated short ‘Maiden Swifter than Horses‘. Everyone present could see the premiere of our latest video ‘Kitchen Wisdom‘ and the animatic of a project still labeled as WIP.”

The event finished up with a set of Q&As, where the attendees could ask the production team for tips and tricks. Most of the questions were addressed to the studio’s animators Boris Kuleba and Vladimir Veselinović, while Dunja Sretović entertained the audience with her exceptional talk about the very beginnings and the adaptation of the ‘Maiden Swifter than Horses’. Miloš Stanojević and Jovana Stanimirović talked about the inspiration, concept and how the initial idea traveled miles to reach the final product, about all the obstacles, challenges and creative pushes of the similar nature.

The following day, on June 22, Go Hektik team went to Kragujevac, the first capital of modern Serbia where the meetup was held in a more intimate atmosphere in a cozy classroom of the KG Hub, with a smaller group of enthusiasts ready for conversation. The meetup interested the attendees in animation and potential collaboration.

“These events are important to Go Hektik on the business side as well, showing the studio’s will to connect the professionals, students and enthusiasts and organize an animation meetup,” continued Jovana. “The first meetup was held in Niš, the city where I was born and grew up and which has the enormous design and IT potential. We have chosen Kragujevac as our next destination, and we wanted to connect with our colleagues, animators and designers, in a more personal and engaging way. The reaction of the audience was mind-blowing: everybody seemed to have waited for these events for years. We have received a lot of direct messages and emails thanking us for the opportunity to see and meet the production team behind Go Hektik.”

Go Hektik holds the meetups in Subotica and Novi Sad on June 28-29. For the meetup on June 28 in InfostudHub in Subotica RSVP here, and for the meetup on June 29 in Startit Center in Novi Sad here. You have some questions in advance? Send us your thoughts!

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