8 reasons why you should hire a professional video production in 2018

August 1, 2018 News and Trends
So, you have an idea for a video and you are certain you can do it on your own? Jelena Antić, our Account Manager, will prove you wrong.

Illustration: Ivan Milošević

1. 2018 – the year of videos
Most of their free time people spend surfing the Internet – searching for advice, recipes, ads and company pages. If there is a video that will make their choice easier, most of the people will gladly use it rather then to read numerous texts. Let’s admit- it is, indeed, more interesting: you can just relax while watching what someone has to offer instead of reading and searching for additional information. Sometimes it is all in that one video that will take a few seconds or minutes of your time! Numbers of YouTube subscribers are growing bigger each day, and this year is reaching its peak when we are talking about explainers.

2. TIME (as one of the essentials)
Maybe you think you can provide a video in a short time by yourself since you already have an idea? As much as we would love that, unfortunately, the idea by itself is not enough and you could easily get lost in the process. The experienced studio would definitely turn your wishes and goals into an effective production plan while you could pay attention to crucial matters for your business. The video production has only one job to do: to provide you with the finalized video you requested. On the other hand, you will have to stop with production every time something important comes up.

3. Uniqueness
Video production company has numerous clients with various requests. Account managers in these firms have to handle direct clients, businesses and partners, and you can trust them in knowing what will suit your needs best. People in the animation studio, for instance, are familiar with the situation on the market so they could offer you proper solutions to distinguish your company from the others and give you a head start. Experienced storytellers in the production companies have vast experience in scriptwriting and marketing managers know what is appealing to different target groups and how to keep their attention when presenting an important information in a creative way.  

4. Impression always counts
Even if you are running a successful business for some time now, your investment in a quality and engaging explainer video will give you an advantage over the competition. Many types of research were conducted about what customers like and explainer videos were one of the most appreciated marketing tools. The companies that like to show that they are doing some extra work for their consumers recognize animated videos as very important. Since it’s not enough to take a camera and capture whatever you want with it, you should let the production company take care of a video, as the impression always counts whether it’s the first or the twenty-first.

Illustration: Ivan Milošević

5. Long-term investment
It may not seem so, but having a professional explainer video is one of the marketing tools with extra-long “expiration date”. You will not have to update your monthly budget with the video costs as it will not go old fashioned at least for a year or two. On the other hand, if you need to change anything because of branding reasons, some corrections will be implemented quickly, because you will not have to update the entire video. This way you will not waste your resources and you can run your business without any limitations.

6. Experience
Capable and experienced production has an important role when you decide to hire a video production agency. In the process of making the explainer you can be faced with a bunch of problems which may seem unresolvable for you, but when you have professionals handling your video, you can relax: most probably they have already had the same or at least similar situations. Once you hire a capable team, clear communication is the key. We are proud of our account managers who handle different clients daily, answering their requests and making the production goes as smoothly as possible.

7. Fresh pair of eyes
Before you consider contacting a video production agency you need to have some idea how the video should look like or even a thought how you would like to start the whole project. We are positive that you, most certainly, understand your product the best. However, it’s also wise to have someone on the team who has just been introduced to your business. Another aspect of view from a creative team could improve your idea, maybe change it a bit and give you the best solution.

8. SEO strategy  and online visibility

A good-quality explainer video could get you better ranks in search. If your video is mentioned on some relevant pages, you will get better results and you will be linked to other sites which will also contribute to your better positioning on Google. This will improve and support your entire SEO plan and give you the opportunity to be seen at the top of the search.

In the end, let us assure you that there is no reason for you to be afraid of how much control you will have over the video in the very process. Once you have agreed upon mutual goals and established deadlines, remember that the person in the video production agency is hired for your best interests.

Last, but not the least: never accept to compromise with quality. Chose the video production which will provide you the best service because it could help you in a long term. On the other hand, poorly animated explainer videos could jeopardize years of your hard work.

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