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October 18, 2018 News and Trends

“Zajedno za život” (United for life) is a humanitarian organization focused on helping children in Serbia who suffer from various medical conditions. The organization expressed a desire to create an informative 1-minute video about the activities it conducts. 

The main challenges were to reach a wider target group with one video and to promote how everybody can contribute to the organization, and not merely in donations. The main mission of the humanitarian organization “Zajedno za život” is reaching potential volunteers to help with the translation of the medical documentation, people who would organize different charity events or the accommodation for the parents of the kids who seek urgent medical help abroad. The organization always needs people who have contacts with different MDs and hospitals in Serbia or abroad.
This served as an inspiration for our copywriter to deliver the concept with characters as superheroes, emphasizing the empathy and the desire to help the others in the script.

“If you feel super whilst helping others, you are their (children’s) hero and our man.”

According to their set of powers, there are 5 superheroes selected for the video:
Contact, Word, Dream, Plan and Character.
Every superhero is a different character with its own attributes.
Superhero Contact has an entire web of contacts of MDs and hospitals in Serbia and abroad. 
Superheroine Word translates medical documentation and helps with communication between parents and doctors abroad.
Superhero Dream takes care of the accommodation and Superhero Plan is all about organizing charity auctions and events with potential donors.
A basketball star, Miroslav Raduljica, a hero himself, is involved in a role of a narrator and as the final Superhero who is willing to donate a sum to the organization for the purposes of medical treatments.

The viewer is involved during the video with a simple explanation of the work process of the organization. The idea is that anyone can feel like a protagonist using his/her unique powers.

Therefore, the studio’s CD Goran Gogić created avatars for all the people involved in the process: Jovana Stanimirović in a role of a producer, Jelena Medan as a copywriter, studio’s senior animator Vladimir Veselinović, Miroslav Raduljica as a narrator and, of course, he created an avatar for himself, as the illustrator of the project. These avatars were used on personal profiles on social media during the campaign and you can see them on our Behance page

The main style inspiration came from the logo of the organization, an angular red heart. The whole of the storytelling focuses on the characters presented in the same angular manner. Instead of the suggested slogan “Get involved!”, we have chosen an awareness campaign slogan “Tell us your superpowers!” with the e-mail address specially created for the interested volunteers.

“Zajedno za život” were using Miroslav Raduljica’s Instagram account for one full day to promote the activities of the organization “Zajedno za život” including the third Humanitarian Sports Bazaar held on September 28, 2018, in Belgrade. 
The collected sum was half of a million dinars. There were more than 20 different articles in the local media and 2 in the world sports portals mentioning the campaign. In only 12 hours since the launch of the campaign, one new Superheroine Contact was found! The e-mail address will be open for an indefinite time since new volunteers are always welcomed.
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