You've Got Questions, Here Are Our Answers

Here is the list of most common questions our clients had in the past. Maybe, this will help you out in what you are searching for. If you do not see a question you have, feel free to reach out! We will be more than happy to answer any question you have regarding our service. It does not matter what kind of video or animation you need in this point, Go Hektik Animation Studio will not only make it for you, it will make it better.

1. How much does an explainer video cost?

All projects are equally important to us, no matter what the budget may be. We want production to match your needs. Thus, there are several factors that define the price of an explainer video: time (when do you need it), length (how many minutes it’s going to last, depending on a script), style (whiteboard, motion graphics, 2D regular, 2D premium…) and your estimated budget. If you contact us, we will show you the price range that may fit your needs.

Our idea-makers are experienced in telling your stories and turning them into great projects. We are committed to making a change your customers will recognize and value.

2. How long does it take to make an explainer video?

It takes some time 🙂
Let’s say you have a general idea how you would like your video to look. We need to have your insight in order to create a concept. So, our first job is to create a script that includes a concept draft, a scenario and a voiceover (if needed). Once we have agreed upon a script, our illustrators come up with scribbles and storyboard. The final stages are animation and voice recording.

Therefore the process lasts several weeks, depending on the stage of your task. We don’t use shortcuts, so we recommend you to plan at least 4 weeks for your project.

3. I like couple of different styles in your portfolio. Can I combine them?

We want to hear your ideas! Tell us more about videos you like and about the business you run, so we can come up with few suggestions ideal for your company.

4. I saw a video on Youtube/Vimeo that I really liked. Can you make me something like that?

We absolutely support originality, however, we also understand every creative process starts with inspiration. Our suggestion is to start with our checklist and think about your answers. Send us your thoughts and some animation videos you like as references.

We will discuss your brand, goals, references and come up with the most effective solution in line with your desires and our experience. Be brave and send us your thoughts!

5. I have already recorded voice-over. Is this going to be an issue? Do we need to redo it? Am I obliged to use all of your services?

Please, send us all material you have: our audio and video professionals will be consulted and you’ll be informed what is adequate for usage. If you already have some scribbles, or you are an illustrator searching for an animation studio to collaborate with; feel free to contact us – we are always open for fresh ideas!

6. I already have samples from some open sources websites. Can you use these elements in my video?

Animation videos are all about moving: different elements, characters and backgrounds need to be in harmony in order to function well. You can send us your material and we will make you an honest proposal: if your elements fit in the animation process, we’ll use them; if not, we will propose different solution.

7. I prefer GIFs to animated videos. Can I order only GIFs?

Sure you can! Yes, we know, EVERYBODY LOVES GIFS; but we are thinking of your budget. We believe creating content for your business includes both video + GIFs and it has multiple benefits! This just may be a perfect combo for your business to stand out!

8. If I decide to hire you, what kind of information do you need from me?

In order to give you the best video tailored especially for your needs, feel free to consult our checklist and fill it out. It might seem a bit detailed, but we want to save your time by having all the information at once, so we can proceed with our animation magic!

9. I don't like a scenario/storyboard you have sent me. Does it cost more if I ask you to change it? How many stages of editing is there anyway?

First of all, thank you for your honesty! We appreciate our client’s feedback. It’s the same as falling in love: sometimes, we don’t click at first, but later on we reach a great bond. 🙂

We certainly have a few rules: scripts, storyboards and animations may be requested to be corrected for the maximum of 5 times. Everything more than that will be extra charged.

10. I have more questions. What's the best way to get in touch with you?