Game Design

Why are games such a big thing?

Just imagine: with games, you can affect millions of people. These days, games are not just about entertainment: they are also taking place in virtual interactions and education that uses them for a variety of training and preparations. In short, game design is creating a game for entertainment or educational purposes by applying the design. Its main purpose is interaction, both among participants and spectators. Game design is all about creating sets of rules, challenges, and goals that will tease the consumers and bring them the satisfaction of resolving an issue.

From an industry perspective, a successful game is the one that sells. But what makes a good game from a player’s perspective? It should be efficient and motivating; it should provoke emotions and socialization and it should bring satisfaction. In this sense, a good game has many different advantages: it should be innovative, easy to learn and to play and it should provide an entertaining and an engaging experience.