Explainer videos

What is an explainer video?

Animated explainers tell the story behind your company, product or service and catch the eye of the customer with appealing characters and environment. Explainer videos are the right thing to earn the trust of your customer and to build credibility: when you make an effort to explain something to the viewers, you reach out to them and they feel special because you invested your time in their needs.

How can I use it for my business?

Explainer should offer a solution to the problem, explain complicated topics or make internal communications easier. If you work in a company or a corporation in HR department or internal communications, then the perfect explainers for you might be for different personnel training, team introductions or various corporate events and celebrations. Open seminars, in-house training – you name it, explainer video will turn any stereotypically “boring” presentation into interesting and memorable. Visually appealing explainer videos stick to the core points which needed to be communicated. These types of videos are usually used in the form of a whiteboard, 2D motion graphic, and 2D regular animation.

What are the benefits of an explainer video?

If you wisely choose the animation studio, your explainer video will boost conversions and sales. With an explainer, customers get a preview what they might expect from your product or service. Also, the visitors to your website will engage more and spend more time on your web pages. The benefits of the animated explainer are bigger reach on your social networks and improvement of both your SEO rankings and email marketing campaigns. Social networks are all about videos today: the prognosis are that up to 2020 there will be 80% of video content on social media.

Everyone has a story. And usually, it is not simple.

So, what do we do in Go Hektik with complicated stories? We get to know them, untangle them, practically connect the dots and creatively turn the story into an irresistible video with all our creative superpowers! We love to explore and explain: you can find out more about the creative process in our studio on our separate blog pages. If you are not certain which type of explainer video you could use, read our How-to blog post on different types of explainer videos. Still not sure if you need a commercial or an explainer video? Read our blog post dedicated to that topic, visit our FAQ or contact us for any additional information.