Commercial Videos

What is an animated commercial video?

When we say an animated commercial, we bet the first thing on your mind is the worldly-known energy drink. Yes, it has created a special buzz for animated ads, but it is the defined brand purpose and its’ targeted audience that helped creating the successful commercial video stories. An animated commercial is a video advertisement that is oriented towards your brand. It is an opportunity to grab a great attention and to interest people in your work. A commercial video is commonly used for promotion of your company, product or service but, unlike an explainer video, it does not contain details about your company’s mission or way of work. It can be a stand-alone piece or a part of the animated ad series.

Where and why should I use an animated commercial video?

If you have decided that this is the right moment to start investing in advertising, an animated commercial is an excellent idea! It is most desirable to use them to generate brand awareness and increase online visibility. These videos can be used on TV, but also on YouTube and other social media channels have proven to be the most effective way to advertise on the Internet. Usually, it is a short commercial video with strong and motivating call-to-action that creates excitement about a brand. Most of the marketers suggest 30 seconds of the video ad, and we agree in general. Still, the length of the ad depends on the story we are telling. 30-sec videos seek clear and precise message – and that is our main mission here at Go Hektik. We have experience in making ideas and turning them to meaningful concepts and beautiful brand stories. If you have more questions about the ideal length of your animated commercial, we have created a blog post that might help you decide.

Why should your commercial be animated?

Video is a powerful way to engage your consumers and introduce them to your brand. An animated video is extremely effective: it is tailored just for your brand, product or service. Since we love to tell stories here at Go Hektik, we can’t wait to show you all the possibilities of the animated commercial video! It is not surprising that the audience tends to remember commercials that are animated longer than the recorded ones. That means you may use motion graphic elements and character animation to enhance the brand awareness. Fully customized animated commercial will resonate better with your audience. Plus, it is budget-friendly and more affordable than the live-recorded commercial video. If you want to find out how an animated commercial is eco-friendly, read our blog post on why animation video is the perfect advertising choice.