Case studies

What is an animated case study?

Companies often need to show plenty of numbers, diagrams and other statistical proofs of how their solution adds value to the business. Animated case studies are the best way to showcase how your product or service contributes to satisfaction of your consumers’ needs. The golden rule of Go Hektik for these types of animated videos is clear communication and effective design. Case studies usually present the ability of your product or service to engage potential consumers and to help them accomplish their goals.

What are case studies best for?

We use different sorts of graphics to creatively display numbers and to make a vivid animated presentation of your campaign, product or service. Animated case studies are visually appealing and most commonly used by corporations and middle-size businesses to display numbers and different figures. Video testimonials, product demos, and step-by-step solution overviews are just some of the examples of animated case studies. If you have a report that contains both mathematics and statistics, or any heavy piece of information, contact us for practical and creative solutions. We will make your report stand out by using winning graphics and engaging story.

Why should your case study be animated?

Since case studies are all about complex information put in a fun and meaningful way, they are more memorable – plus, they are easier to keep. Being easily accessible and time-saving, they are more effective than the plain reports. Practical video form is simple to share with all the interested parties, whether they are stakeholders or end-users. Videos give more power to case studies creating an emotional connection to your audience via your original story and testimonials of your previous consumers. They are more convincing and easier to relate to. So, if you have a large volume of information that needs to be clear yet amusingly presented, we use the best tool for turning it into juicy content. If you want to read more about benefits of using a case study as an animation video, read it in our blog post.

So, an animated case study is not going to be childish-like?

No. It is going to be creative. Remember: creative means playful. In animation business, it means finding the most unexpected ways to present something, and yet staying true to a product or a service and contributing to the brand purpose. Take a look at our beautiful narrated animated case study for m:ts, large Serbian telecommunication company, and enjoy!